DIY Mini Spa Day


What a rough week it has been!

My goodness. It feels like the world just hasn’t stopped!! I know realistically, the world will never stop, but can we just have a break once in a while?! I decided, you know what. Take a break. Do something for you. Why not?


I gave myself a mini SPA day.

Well, more like hour… but still worth it none the less!

For the longest time, I could not find my foot bath, I looked everywhere for it. I thought maybe I had lost it in a move. Then, about a month ago, I helped my best friend and her Fiancé move, and there was a box… with all the things we had packed, from our condo that we had rented together, and in it, was my foot bath!!! It had me so excited. I’m honestly surprised it has taken me this long to use it! Then again.. it has been a long month!

I rinsed it out, gave it a good scrub (3 years in a box left it a little… unloved hehe :p) I sprinkled some of my Jack Frost bath salts, that Kellen’s Mom had given me for Christmas (PS I love this stuff!), and then filled it with hot water. I set it right at the edge of our bed ( so I could watch Dance Moms lol) and set up my table with a pumice stone, clippers, a file, and my color of choice! I also grabbed a towel, so I could dry off my feet before giving them the work needed!


How amazing does this look? I forgot how great this foot bath was, it massages your feet, while moving the water around. I wish you could hear the sound!! It sounded so beautiful and relaxing!

Unfortunately, my water ended up not being hot enough at first… so I had to dry off, and then dump the water, refill it. Then it was too hot… so I had to remove some hot water… add some cold water… all that fun stuff! Once I did, I soaked for about a half hour, and scraped all the dead skin from my feet. All around the cuticles, and bottoms of my feet. It felt SOOOO good!! I clipped my nails, and painted them this beautiful purple-red color I love so so much! It is the perfect color for these cold winter days! 🙂

Here is the final result:


Take some time for yourself once and awhile!!!

You deserve it!!


What are some things you do to pamper yourself? I would love to hear from you! Comment below!

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