How I Feel

How I Feel – February 23rd 2017

Have you ever come across a post, that just makes your blood boil? Or hits you close to home? Maybe its spelling mistakes that make you go crzy, or maybe you find the way someone writes annoying, or maybe, if you’re anything like me, reading about bullying makes your blood boil!!!!

Now, I know there will always, always be people who think they are better than everyone else. No matter where you are, school, work, maybe even home. BUT THAT IS NOT THE CASE. There is not any one person who is better than the next, or worst. Everyone is different. And everyone deserves respect.

I read a post today, from the amazing Tova Leigh about a young girl named Megan Evans, who sadly, ended her life on February 7th 2017 DUE TO BULLYING. Online social media BULLYING. She kept her bullying a secret from her family. And there is a number of reasons she could have done that, from not being comfortable, to being ashamed. Sadly we will never know. Megan had received a message on Facebook, stating that she should hang herself. To which she replied “OK”.

This is the type of stuff that makes my blood boil. Who says that to someone? Who is so messed up, that they would actually wish death upon another person? I was always taught to never wish death upon anyone. Even your worst enemy. And it frustrates me so much, that I can’t stop people. I can’t. People will always be mean, and nasty.

BUT there are things that we can do. WE can teach our children, and our future children (if you’re like me and don’t have children) that bullying is wrong. And that if it is happening, to speak up. Even if that means you’ve witnessed it. Or its happening to you. And always be speaking about it. Put it into conversations. If you have experiences with bullying, tell your story. You have a voice.

So many things today are pushed aside. People don’t want to put there nose in other peoples business.


What if it was someone you loved. Your Daughter?? Your Son?? Wouldn’t you wish someone would say something? So be that person. Be the person who stands up. Be the person who potentially saves a life. Talk to your children. Teach them wrong from right. Teach them to respect others, and that bullying is wrong. And that words can hurt, and that just because you are behind a keyboard, doesn’t mean there isn’t someone reading on the other end that has feelings. But most Importantly, let them know, that no matter what, you will always, always be there for them. To listen and to love.

If Megan’s family ever reads this, all I can say is I am deeply sorry for your loss. Your daughter is a beautiful girl, and from the smile on her face, I feel as though she was respectful, and quite. never causing problems. May you find all find peace ❤

RIP Megan Evans ❤

If you or someone you know is being bullied there are many resources. And know you are not alone. Here are a couple of numbers you can call:

Canada Kids Help Phone

Peer listening line for those under 25 years old.

1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

National Youth Crisis Hotline for crisis intervention and school tip line for reporting weapons or homicidal remarks.

Covenant House NineLine dealing with crisis intervention and angry feelings

National Hopeline connects caller to a 24-hour crisis center in their area


Leave a Comment and tell your story below ❤

As always, my inbox is always open, Please send me a comment if you want, or need to talk ❤

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